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I like to consider myself an author but I have only published a few stories. I have had some fiction and non-fiction published, genres in fantasy, horror and self-help. I'm always on the look out for writing competitions or calls for submissions and try to submit a story for those that pique my interest.


Go to Stories to read all of my past and new stories. Unfortunately, many of the earlier publications that picked up my writing have dissolved and I cannot link to them. However, I have included those writings to you here!


I currently have multiple novels, fiction and non-fiction, in various states of completion. My Non-fiction medical memoir is at about 40,000 words, but I cannot finish it as the ending is unacceptable for me. My current push is to dedicate all my writing efforts to just one of them to finish and publish the novel! My current favorite is a Thriller, including a romance, with over 60,000 words!

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