Interesting calls for submissions by Beth Bowser

Calls for short story submissions Interesting calls for submissions I have found online!Click here for a printer friendly version of this page

I found these requests for short stories recently and, ya know, I think I might make the attempt to write and submit to them! I've read that some writers, when they feel stuck or slow in their story, they have to change the scenery. Sometimes, that's to change where you do your writing, but it also can mean the scenery for your brain, give you a new story to immerse yourself in! I haven't tried this approach before as... sadly I used to always just change the novel I was working on. However, I have resolved to stop starting new novels without finishing the one I'm working on! I do need my creativity back, though, and the article I read suggested a quick change to a short story can be all you need for that sceney change to re-energize. Here we go!

UPDATE As I was writing this out, One of the short stories contests closed. They were looking for 10 stories, found all they needed, and are no longer accepting stories. I have removed the links and text about the request, but the 2nd request for submissions is still valid! This one gives me enough to do if I end up writing a story every week!

Another I found is being offered by Literary Gamut Agency, a business that is offering editorial services: proofreading and copy editing manuscripts. They are holding a weekly contest where writers must write a short story with a holiday theme of your choosing. They will be looking at the writing style, technique, and originality. The prizes are 30 pages of free proofreading along with your story published on their site! Check out the deets here!

The last I had found is another weekly contest, but the prompts for each week change on Mondays. There are five weekly prompts for ReedsyPrompts and you just pick your favorite and submit a story for the prompt you pick. It appears all prompts are in the same pot for the $50 reward. I wanted to try it, but two weeks in a row, none of the prompts got my creativity juice going. The other problem is that if you want to enter the contest, you have to make an account and I'd have yet another password to remember. I have found myself to be against anything that requires account creation. I don't know. Maybe later, if in future weeks, there is a prompt that speaks to me!