Writings: How Sweet It Is by Beth Bowser

What if, like Santa Claus, the world had a fairy who gifted desserts to all the good adults each year? How sweet is it! Click here for a printer friendly version of this page

Ice Cream Pie Dessert


In collaboration with feast.and.fable, I happily present this story I wrote of deliciously delectable desserts! Feast.and.Fable made the dessert below that took the head seat at my protagonist's table in this story and WOW! I'm starved now and believe only a cookies and cream ice cream cake can satisfy my craving :) Please check out feast.and.fable's instagram to view all the fantastic food that appear in other writers' stories in collaboration. I suggest you plan to eat soon after visiting!


Tina felt like a child trembling with excitement as she jumped out of bed. It would be a long wait for the evening's party, but she had plenty to do leading up to it! Two nights ago she got the best treat from the Dessert Fairy ever and, sticking to her friends' agreement, did not eat a single bite of it no matter how difficult that was to do! And, believe me, it was exceptionally difficult.

Tina and her friends took turns as to who hosted every year, but they all got together a day or two after the Dessert Fairy arrived to dine on a sweet feast of epic proportions. She cleaned everything to sparkling, using vacuum, mop, spray and all other cleaning supplies at her disposal. She also had to clean up the lawn as a massive rainstorm came in overnight and she couldn't leave anything in disarray.

She placed a table in kitchen center and added her strawberry chocolate mousse as the centerpiece. She covered her dessert and the table with a extra tablecloth held up tall to hide the feast until all was ready for the unveiling. As friends arrived, they were told to slide their prize under the tablecloth and asked to retire to the living room for friendly conversation. Not being able to see the banquet helped, but the enticing scents of everyone's haul were still difficult to ignore! Once everyone arrived, Tina called everyone forward and made a quick speech.

"We thank the Dessert Fairy for her wonderful and exquisite culinary gifts every year and hope to continue to be blessed with receiving her masterpieces for many more years to come!" She exclaimed and removed the top tablecloth with a flourish, facing her friends.

A chorus of "Hurrahs" concluded her speech as all filed into the kitchen, ready to partake of the feast. Laughter, smiles and congratulations ended abruptly on each friend the very moment they were each able to see the pasties.

Ants! There were hundreds! Nay, thousands! Small black ants running over every cake! Every pie, every cookie, every brownie.... all were lost. Tina realized much too late that the rain must have pushed the ants out of their underground dwellings. Into the house they went where a smorgasbord of delight awaited. Not for them, but they could not know that. Tina only allowed herself a couple moments of panic before she swept into action. She passed out ant spray and traps to her guests, pulled out her vacuum and broom and apologized for the disaster.

"I'll be right back!" she yelled out as she raced outside.

Her guests, no strangers to ants infestations, were confused about where Tina ran off to as they went to work. They bagged up all the desserts for the trash and placed traps down near the spots where they saw the ants coming in. They sprayed outside the house to ensure no more ants would come in. They vacuumed up as many ants as they could on the dessert table and floor and swept all sugary crumbs up and away to the trash. In very little time at all, no one was able to tell what had taken place.

Tina appeared though the windows, looking worse for wear. "I'm so sorry about this! But I refuse to have the party ruined completely." Tina yelled out, panting. As she got closer, her guests could see her complexion was very red and splotchy. A bag she held was swaying wildly enough with her exertions that any watching her were near certain she'd send it flying.

She stopped to take for a deep breath before entering the house. Noticing that the table was clear of desserts and ants, Tina added the item she brought in the bag to the table, an enormous platter.

"Friends, I fear this was all my fault. You see, I was blessed with two desserts by the Dessert Fairy. As you saw already, I was favored with the strawberry chocolate mousse cake, but I was also favored with the best dessert I've ever had the opportunity to relish. A cookies and cream ice cream cake. I was being horribly rotten and selfish, I know that now. I hid it in my basement freezer for my own enjoyment later. If I hadn't done that, we would likely have been spared this ant indignity," she said refusing to look as a single friend, believing they must hate her for her selfish action. "With that said, please, all of you, partake of the frozen treat and eat every last bite with my thanks. Leave nothing for me as I was going to leave nothing for you."

Tina remained a statue for near twenty minutes as her friends moved about the kitchen, grabbing plates and knives, oohing in delight as they savored the cake. Tina did not look up from her chagrined stance the entire time. Rather, she stared at an ant outside a trap, crawling in a circle in its death throes. “I never thought I'd have something in common with an ant”, she thought sadly.

"Tina, look at me, please?" her friend, Emily asked.

"Yes, Tina, look at us!" her other friend Susan added.

Tina looked up to see one plate with a healthy portion ice cream cake in the center. Mary and Rebecca were holding the plate out to her. Jessica held out a fork. All the rest of her friends had formed a loose circle around her and were smiling widely while the others leaned their items towards Tina for her to take.

"Thank you!!" Tina sobbed out as she took the offerings. Her friends encircled her in a hug as they offered messages of understanding and gratitude for hosting. Tina moaned as the first bite of the dessert hit her tongue and her friends laughed and cheered.

It wasn't the best Dessert Fairy after party, but Tina and her friends would never forget it.