Writings: May Reading List & Reviews by Beth Bowser

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In May, I will have read all novels of Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series. If you don't know of it, it's a gritty urban fantasy based out of New Orleans, LA. Vampires, Shapeshifters and Warewolves oh my! This latest book, Shattered Bonds, wasn't the best but they can't all be perfect. It wasn't the fast paced action nor the kick butt Jane who was in the previous books, but it's understandble given her circumstances. I will definatley still pick up the next book and suggest anyone who likes the genre to pick up the first novel in the series: Skinwalker!

After I finished that series off, I moved on to Faith Hunter's other series, Soulwood. Similar to the Jane Yellowrock series, it is another urban fantasy and touchs on characters from Jane's world, such as Rick LaFleur. I'll be honest, I really liked the start, the first book in the series Blood of the Earth, but I always have been a sucker for coming of age novels (ex: Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time series). Nell, the main character grew up in a cult, but didn't drink enough koolaid as she has a strong backbone, unlike her sisters. Maybe her latent magical power granted her that backbone!

I'm sad to say that I didn't like the rest of the books from the series as much. Curse on the Land and Flame in the Dark did not capture the same interest in me as the first novel but they were still enjoyable. I think it bothered me the most that she was a naive country bumpkin in book 1 but after some months of training at the PhyLED academy, she is a pro like she's been doing this police work her whole life. I'll still read the next novel in the series as I am attached to the characters and want to know what happens!