Writings: Struggles by Beth Bowser

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I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but I have been having a difficult time this month so far staying positive and continuing to press onward in my writing and EVERYTHING else! I have not been sleeping well because of the uncertainty I feel every day now. Will jobs be lost? Will the grocery store remain stocked? Am I doing all I can to ensure I don't get sick? Are my loved ones doing the same? All these questions and more like them, swirled around my brain as I tried to write or read or sleep. This affected my mood, my creativity and even what I eat. It is too easy to grab and microwave some sausage links and call that and only that lunch. I'm not healthy and it needs to change!

I have determined that I cannot ignore COVID-19 any longer (not that I had been ignoring medical experts' opinions!) but I need to somehow come to terms with how the world is changing before I can return to my previous quality and decently fast speed of writing. I do not know how that will appear ultimately, but I need to take a break of sorts from my novel, which really feels inconsequently right now anyway. I always used to write happy things, short stories, poetry, etc during times of distress to get the negativity out and with the break I will taking on the novel, I better get writing! I will post the best positive stories right here and maybe if you read it or them you can get some enjoyment and relieve some stress yourself.