Writings: Two new stories accepted! by Beth Bowser

Fiction and nonfiction stories of mine were accepted Short stories accepted! Click here for a printer friendly version of this page

If you are wondering that this seems rather fast to get responses... I feel the same way! From my previous posting, I was only talking about some other places I may write stories that meet their criteria and submit to them. I understand that Literary Gamut Agency, which is holding weekly contests until Christmas, would have to pick their winners quickly. The other story, however, I did not expect to be selected so quickly especially as the deadline to submit is 12/24. I figured I wouldn't hear anything at least until the deadline, but no, I heard the day after I sent my submission that it was accepted! I have never been so happy to be wrong!

Sadly, like other stories of mine that have been published, it has been removed. Unlike other stories, the website is still up, they just didn't want to show my story anymore. Ah well.

My Holiday Story, 'The First Special Edition: Christmas Issue', is based on the main character of my current (as of 12/18/2020) work in progress novel, Lillian Erban. It's loosely a holiday story as Christmas is more the setting than the plot. Instead, this holiday story is more about redemption. Lillian has made a serious mistake and her friends are snubbing her during Christmas break, the best time to hang out with friends, because of that mistake. Read the story to find out if she fix her mistake quickly enough!

Secondly, I wrote a nonfiction short story based on a conversation I had with my father about my grandfather and heard on 12/18 that it was also accepted! But.... then it wasn't? The first response I received from the publisher (A Word With You Press) was "Thank you so much for sending this" and "We will be publishing your story on line in the next few days" but I never heard anything back almost 2 weeks later, from Mr. Thorton Sully, even after sending two responses to his original email. I didn't realize that publishing companies also had griefers and trolls and I, to be honest, would have been happier to never have gotten first hand knowledge of their existence, but I guess those kinds of people are in everything. Now, I need to find a new publication for that story! Like all my other stories. Ugh.